Thursday, March 23, 2017

Worried About Your Back? Avoid These Bad Habits!

Your habits can make or break your back – do you know how?

Your back is a complex structure made of numerous bones, muscles and ligaments. This part of your body is put under stress every single day. Thus, it is of no surprise that many people tend to suffer from back problems.

Having a healthy back means removing activities in your daily life which put unnecessary stress on the back muscles and the spine. By avoiding a few common bad habits, you can help ensure the health of your back. Moreover, if you already suffer from back problems, avoiding these damaging habits is all-the-more necessary if you want to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms and recover your health.

Bad habits which hurt your back

1. Too much sitting: The simplest way to wreck your back is to sit continuously for several hours without a break. Excessive sitting can not only increase the risk of back pain, it can also gradually damage the spinal alignment. So remember to take a 5-minute break for every hour of sitting. Use the break to do some simple stretching exercises, or just walk around a little. Most importantly, get regular exercise at least 4 days a week. This will keep your spine and back muscles strong and flexible.  

2. Carrying heavy bags: Some people like to carry their whole world on their shoulders. Sadly, such people are also prone to back pain. Lighten your load by carrying only the essentials. Instead of putting everything in a single backpack, break up your luggage into two bags.

3. Wearing high heels: While there doesn’t seem to be any connection between the feet and your back, they are expected to work together to carry your body weight. Wearing high heels put your feet and your back under stress. So try to refrain from wearing fashionable shoes, or at least minimize their use.

4. Being overweight: The more you weigh the more weight your back is expected to carry. If your weight is above the normal range (which is determined by your age, gender and height) then the risk of back problems increases. Calculate what your ideal weight should be and try to engage in diet control along with regular exercise to stay in the safe weight zone.

5. Lifting incorrectly: Many back injuries occur when trying to lift something heavy. The proper way to pick something up is to bend your knees and using the power of your calves and thighs to lift up the object. Keep the object close to your body while maintaining a straight spine and neck. This way, you will drastically reduce the risk of getting a cramp or a slipped disc.

6. Using an old mattress: Many people don’t really care about where and on what they sleep. Sometimes, people keep using old mattresses which are no longer strong enough to support their back. Thus, every night the spine and the back muscles are put under stress for several hours at a stretch. So put away your old mattress and buy a new one, which is soft and stiff enough to give your back adequate support.

By Dr. Shabtab Khalid

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