Thursday, July 13, 2017

Got Knee Pain? Here Are 5 Effective Exercises For You!

Just how important the knees are, is something people realize only when things go wrong. In times of health and youth, people pay hardly any attention to the state of their joints, let alone an important one like the knees. However, the slightest pain or stiffness in the knee can wreak havoc with your daily life and make even simple tasks almost impossible to accomplish. 

Yes, knee pain is indeed a serious issue. But there is no need to become demoralized if it does become a common occurrence. Along with the correct medication, you need to engage in controlled physical activities in the form of exercise. This will help increase blood circulation in the knees, strengthen the bones and muscles adjoining the joint, while improving joint flexibility. In short: regular exercise is essential in dealing with chronic knee pain.

Today, let’s talk about some simple knee-centric exercises that you can do right at home to help enhance knee health!

Exercises for Knee pain

1. Straight Leg Lift
• Lie on your back with one leg bent and the other straight. 
• Tighten the thigh muscles in your straight leg and slowly lift it until it is about a foot off the floor. 
• Hold it for 5 seconds. 
• Slowly lower your leg to the floor. 
• Repeat 10 times and then try it with the other leg.

2. Single Leg Dip
• Stand next to a chair for balance. 
• Lift one leg slightly in front of you. 
• Put your weight on the other leg. 
• Slowly lower your upper body down a few inches, pushing your weight onto the heel of the supporting leg. 
• Hold for 5 seconds. 
• Slowly straighten up. 
• Repeat 10 times and then switch sides.

3. Calf raise
• Hold on to the back of a chair for stability.
• Slowly lift just the heels off the floor as far as possible.  
• Stay in the position for 5 seconds.
• Slowly bring down the heels. 
• Repeat 10 times.

4. Leg extension 
• Keep your hands on the back of a chair for support.
• Standing upright, raise your left leg backwards, keeping it straight. 
• Don’t arch your back as you take your leg back.
• Hold for 5 seconds and return to starting position.
• Switch to the other leg.
• Do this 10 times with each leg.

5. Mini squats 
• Stand next to a chair with your feet apart.
• While holding on to the chair, slowly bend your knees as far as possible. Keep both knees facing forward. 
• Keep your back straight at all times.
• Gently go up to a standing position. 
• Repeat five times. 

By Dr. Shabtab Khalid
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