Friday, September 8, 2017

How Does Physiotherapy Combat Joint Pain?

It is only in sickness that we realize the importance of health. Similarly, it is only when our bones and muscles fail to cooperate with us in undertaking our daily activities, do we realize how important they are in leading a functional life. Our musculoskeletal structure is an enormously complex machinery made up of muscular strands, fibrous tissue, blood vessels and nerves. Even the slightest damage to this intricate structure leads to pain, discomfort and even disability. 

While prevention is indeed better than cure, it is not possible to be 100% safe from joint pain. Advanced age, injury, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle or physically demanding job profile – these are the most common triggering factors of joint pain. 

If you are suffering from joint problems, physiotherapy can nurse you back to health. On the solemn occasion of World Physiotherapy Day, let’s see how physiotherapy can help combat joint pain and get you back on your feet!

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a set of rehabilitative practices and techniques which aim to help you recover from musculoskeletal problems and regain your health. Through the use of mechanical force and carefully coordinated movement, it helps people who are suffering from chronic as well as acute joint problems to get back their mobility and live life free from dependence on other people. Physiotherapy has become an important part of the modern medical discipline. Doctors and hospitals around the world routinely advise their patients to undergo physiotherapy under the guidance of an accredited physiotherapist. 

What makes Physiotherapy important? 

1. Reduces joint pain: The most important function of physiotherapy is to control and reduce joint pain. Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques help to mobilize damaged joints and revive weakened tissue. Physiotherapy works simultaneously to reduce pain and improve joint function.

2. Restores joint function: Problems like Arthritis can severely degrade joint function and mobility, making it difficult or even impossible to move around and undertake daily activities. Here, physiotherapy is needed to gradually strengthen the affected joint and help the affected person to work and live in an independent manner. 

3. Speeds up recovery from injuries: Certain kinds of activities like sports are synonymous with injuries. Moreover, the average person is always at risk of suffering from a sprain or a cramp. Physiotherapy is essential to regaining joint health after suffering from an injury. Thus, it is no wonder that all major sports teams in the world have a dedicated physiotherapist on board!

4. Improves balance: It is a known fact that elderly persons have a high risk of falling and getting a fracture. To prevent this, physiotherapists screen a person’s fall risk and suggest exercises to improve sense of balance. This is an important part of injury and fracture prevention. 

5. Manage age-related issues: Almost all people face difficulty moving around when they become old. Physiotherapy can help such people stay safe from age-related issues like Arthritis or Osteoporosis and maintain a tolerably active life.  

You need physiotherapy if…

• You are suffering from chronic joint pain
• The injured area feels “different”, numb or inflamed
• Normal movement has become difficult or impossible
• The pain spikes if you try to use the affected joint

Physiotherapy and medication – a matchless combination!

Some people think that physiotherapy alone can remove joint pain and recover joint health. This is wrong – physiotherapy is complimentary to medication. Correct medication along with proper physiotherapy has become the most successful treatment strategy throughout the world in fighting joint pain and living an active as well as fulfilling life. 

By Dr. Shabtab Khalid
Zilaxo Advanced Pain Solution

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