Friday, October 20, 2017

Keep Your Bones Safe From The Danger Of Osteoporosis

As the body grows in age, several gradual changes begin to occur. After attaining peak bone density in adulthood, the bones begin to lose their density and strength. In some people, this weakness can appear in an aggravated state, where the bone density drops so low that there is heightened risk of having a fracture. This condition is called Osteoporosis.

While this is indeed a serious issue, there is no need to become alarmed or hopeless. Not all people have the same risk of developing Osteoporosis. Some of the common risk factors which increase the likelihood of developing Osteoporosis are as follows:

Osteoporosis risk factors

• Consuming a diet with poor calcium and vitamin D content
• Leading a sedentary lifestyle without adequate physical activity
• Having bad habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol
• Taking certain kinds of medications 
• Suffering from chronic autoimmune disorders

How to stay safe from Osteoporosis

Protecting your bones from the threat of Osteoporosis is not rocket science – all you need is adequate activity and proper diet to keep your bones strong. On the august occasion of the World Osteoporosis Day, let’s look at 3 simple ways to keep your bones happy.

1. Engage in physical activity: Your bones need physical activity to stay strong. Moreover, staying active actually helps the bones become more robust, thus helping to keep Osteoporosis at bay as you age. So take up regular exercise for better bone health. If this is inconvenient, then you can start jogging every day or sign up for dance classes. As long as the activity level is mildly strenuous and carefully executed, your bones will be well served. 

2. Consume bone-boosting foods: Your bones need adequate calcium and vitamin D in order to stay strong. As your body does not produce these minerals on its own, it is totally dependent on your diet. So make sure that you eat calcium and vitamin D-rich foods like milk or cheese as well as nutrient-heavy foods like spinach, soy beans, bananas etc. as they contain essential minerals like potassium and magnesium.  

3. Stay away from bad habits: People who indulge in cigarettes or alcohol have poor bone health, making them vulnerable to bone diseases like Osteoporosis. Research has shown that people who consume carbonated soft drinks are also at risk. So keep such bad habits out of your daily life if you care about your bone health. 

By Dr. Shabtab Khalid
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