Thursday, August 3, 2017

How To Energize Your Mornings Even With Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis sufferers experience morning blues every single day. Greeted by pain, soreness and stiffness, waking up from bed seems to be an agonising task. Morning stiffness experienced by those suffering from Osteoarthritis can last for about 30 - 40 minutes. At times, the pain can get so worse that walking without a gait aid becomes almost impossible. But we have good news for you. Following very simple tips, your dull and painful mornings can be made vibrant and welcoming.

1. Morning Stretch - Performing stretches on bed after waking up can help                   stretch away the morning stiffness.

    a) Stretching should be done gradually rather than jerking or bouncing as                       that will tend to make the muscles tighter.

    b) The stretch should create a tension and it should be held till 20 seconds, before           letting go.

     c) Stretching should never be done in such a way so as to cause pain.

2. Daily Exercise - Exercises are a great way to start the day. Motion exercises              can be practised even on bed, which will help to flex the stiff joints.

    a) Trying to naturally move the joint that has become stiff in the morning is the               best way to exercise it. For instance, bending and straightening the knee joint as             it naturally does, helps to make the joint movement smooth.

     b) Practising motion exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes can help relax the                       affected joint.

     c) Same number of exercises should be done both on the right and left side of                the body.

3. Proper Sleep - The way one sleeps at night can impact the body the following           day. Hence, paying proper attention to one's sleeping habit becomes all the more           important.

     a) Arthritic joint pain in the morning can be avoided by maintaining proper                    sleeping posture the night before. According to experts, lying on the side                        with a cervical and lumbar support allows muscle and joint flexibility.

      b) Using a sleep support helps to cushion tender and supporting areas that                       tend to pain while moving without support.

      c) Using mattress and pillows that provide comfort to the body often help in                   getting a relaxed sleep and a pain-free morning. Choice of mattress and pillow               varies from person to person. One should try different types and qualities of                   them before settling for one.

A degenerative joint disease, Osteoarthritis equally affects men and women of all ages. Primarily affecting knees, hands, hips, feet and spine; it gradually develops over time. The progressive nature of this disease if unchecked, can lead to bone deformity and restrict joint mobility. Hence, apart from making lifestyle changes, proper medication is needed to avert potential complications.

 By Dr. Shabtab Khalid

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