Friday, August 25, 2017

Top 7 Tips To Deal With Slipped Disc Pain

Slipped Disc

Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Gonzalo Higuaín – what do they have in common?

The answer: all of them have been afflicted with slipped disc at one point in their lives.  

Just like these famous personalities, thousands of people in India and around the world become victims of a painful joint condition called slipped disc. Also known as “herniated disc”, this problem affects the discs found in between the individual vertebrae in the spinal column. Slipped disc can cause tremendous pain and discomfort. Left unchecked, a slipped disc can even damage vital nerves and greatly reduce general mobility. 

Since there is no foolproof way to avoid this problem, the most that you can do is to remain prepared. Today, let’s talk about some simple ways to manage the most obvious symptom associated with this joint problem: Pain.

Tackling Slipped Disc pain

1. Get adequate rest:
 Trying to work in spite of the pain will only worsen the pain sensation. So take time off from your work and get rest. While this does not mean that you give up all activities, your present condition demands rest and relaxation to help the recovery process.

2. Take medication on time: Proper medication is essential in fighting pain sensation. Taking the prescribed pills on time will not only contain the slipped disc but also help you lead a tolerably normal life in spite of having such a joint condition. If you find it difficult to track your medicine consumption, then set up alarms on your phone, or you can request your family members to help you take the medication on a timely basis. 

3. Practise meditation and Pranayama: This will help you relax as well as reduce the pain sensation. People with slipped disc tend to spend too much time thinking about their agonizing condition. Meditative and Yogic practices can help you shift your focus away from the pain. 

4. Keep yourself busy: Having slipped disc may involve a lot of time spent in bed doing nothing. Don’t let this time go to waste: read a book, listen to soothing music, play games on your phone – do anything to take your mind off the constant pain. 

5. Exercise carefully: There are many kinds of exercises which you can do to strengthen your spine and speed up recovery. However, it would be foolish to try them out in the absence of expert supervision. Thus, if you feel confident enough, you can ask a physiotherapist to suggest some simple exercises to help you combat slipped disc and get back on your feet. 

6. Don’t over-exert yourself: While total bed rest is not advisable, needlessly trying to take part in physically intensive activities in spite of having slipped disc can be quite dangerous. Avoid activities which involve bending your back or lifting heavy things. Keep your pain level in mind before taking part in any activity and get sufficient rest afterwards. 

7. Avoid bad habits: Your daily activities are a major factor deciding how quickly you will recover from slipped disc. So, try to avoid unhealthy activities like smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. Yes, the alcohol can temporarily reduce pain sensation, but it can also interfere with your medication, thus slowing down the recovery process. 

By Dr. Shabtab Khalid

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