Thursday, August 31, 2017

Speed Up Recovery From Tennis Elbow – Top 5 Exercises

You don’t have to be tennis player like Rafael Nadal to get Tennis Elbow. This is a common injury resulting from overuse of the arm. People who are engaged in activities which require repetitive motion are generally at risk of suffering from Tennis Elbow. Thus, ordinary persons like carpenters, housewives, repairmen along with sports enthusiasts like tennis players can fall victim to this painful joint problem.

While medication can certainly help you recover from Tennis Elbow, you need proper exercise to regain your health. Let’s look at 5 basic arm-centric exercises which doctors around the world advise their patients to practise if they want to speed up the recovery process.

Top 5 Tennis Elbow exercises

1. Biceps curls
· Sit with the legs slightly spread.
· Place your right elbow on your right thigh and hold the weight while keeping the forearm horizontal.
· Slowly curl the weight upwards and towards your chest.
· Return to starting position.
· Repeat this motion 10 times and then switch to the other arm.

2. Wrist curls
· Place your forearm on a table with your hand hanging over the edge of the table.
· Make sure the palm is facing up.
· Place a 1 kg weight or dumbbell in your hand.
· Slowly raise and lower the weight while keeping the palm facing upwards without lifting your forearm off the table.
· Repeat this motion 10 times and then switch to the other arm.
· After 10 repetitions, redo the exercise with the palms facing down.

3. Ball squeeze
· Hold a ball in your hand.
· Make a fist around the ball and squeeze tightly.
· Hold the position for 5 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds.
· Repeat 10 times and then do it with the other arm.

4. Elbow Bend
· Stand up straight.
· Lower your arm to one side.
· Bend your arm upwards until your hand touches your shoulder.
· Hold for 15 seconds.
· Return to starting position.
· Repeat 10 times and then switch to the other arm.  

5. Towel twist
· Sit in a chair while holding a towel with both hands.
· Twist the towel 10 times with both hands in opposite directions as if it were wet.
· Rest for 10 seconds.
· Repeat 10 times again in the other direction.

By Dr. Shabtab Khalid

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